Enrichment Clusters at Centennial

For more than a decade now, Centennial School has been running Enrichment Clusters. The idea was the brainchild of former Talent Development teacher, Leslie Wakeman, who saw the event as a way to expose children to activities that they might not otherwise get exposed to in school. The event has been a day (or a few days) of activities in and close to the school. 


In the past, we have invited community groups in and teachers and other school staff have run activities. Kids have had the opportunity to learn winter survival and orienteering. They have learned to cook and to meal plan. They have had an opportunity to learn about trapping, wildlife rehabilitation, and hoop dancing. They have been exposed to archery, martial arts, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and skating. They have coded, played chess, juggled, and learned magic. They have learned about the jobs of police, fire fighters, and hydro workers. They have done a variety of art activities including paper cutting, sketching, painting, and ceramics. Musically, they’ve learned guitar, drumming, singing, and song-writing. It has been a worthwhile way of exploring talents and interests. 


This year, the grades K – 2 students went skating, did chemistry, learned about habitats, and created owl art. The grades 3 and 4 classes did some chemistry and are going on a field trip to the Manitoba Museum. The grades 5 and 6 classes learned about measuring and predicting weather, learned about chemistry, and took part in an electricity presentation. 


Staff and student feedback each year indicates that Enrichment Clusters is effective and fun. Centennial School sends out a big thank you to our PAC for their support and also to the groups who came out to lead or support activities: Daniel and Tammie from Tanco, Jeff from the arena, Linda from EBEYS, Manitoba Hydro, Fort Whyte, and the U of W’s Let’s Talk Science program.