Leadership at Centennial School

Centennial School has a culture of leadership. We encourage students to join leadership teams and then have teacher advisers guide those teams as they decide on the things that they would like to do for their community. I am struck by the impact that this group of leaders has already made this year!
Student Council is focused on activities that build school spirit. They worked independently and creatively to build an excellent Halloween haunted house for their peers to tour and then they did a good job of organizing our dance/movie/games room for Halloween fun. They have started planning a Movember moustache sale in support of Movember's battle against men's health issues. They will also be leading our school's Remembrance Day ceremony.
The Social Justice Committee focuses their efforts on raising awareness of social issues and leading us in learning and doing something about these issues. They came up with a new plan for scoring our We Scare Hunger initiative and they then led the school in collecting almost 600 pounds of the foods that our local food bank needs the most. They delivered that food and learned about the food bank, and now they are discussing supporting the Christmas hamper program and creating an initiative to collect toiletries or warm clothing or other things besides food that people need. They also learned when the lean times are for the food bank and are thinking about ways to provide support during those times.
Our Green Team is our environmental group. They have sorted over 5000 plastic bags for remanufacturing and they are still not done. Their impact is bigger than that, though, because the Chamber of Commerce will be teaming with our Green Team to get plastic bag recycling bins set up in stores around the community!
Our Peace Makers and Green Playmates are our teams who help other students to solve playground problems. Our Peace Makers have helped 22 students to resolve playground conflicts and our Green Playmates have already helped 129 students find someone to play with.
I am pretty proud of the student leaders that we've got in this building! They are creating a positive impact on their world.