Getting Back to Normal!

Teachers did a fantastic job of providing meaningful, fun opportunities for kids during the Covid years – virtual field trips, cohort-specific intramurals, creative teams and lessons. It is, however, really nice to see “regular” things back, like:

- We were able to have a couple weeks working with the Artists in the School program.

- We have started to have guest readers and guest presenters come in to the building.

- Teachers have started booking field trips to places like Fort Whyte and Lower Fort Garry.

- The grade 6 teachers are planning a grade 6 celebration to give those kids a fun farewell day.

- Athletic teams are training and competing. Our grade 6 badminton team just won second place at the Sunrise School Division Crossover Tournament. We have grade 5 and 6 kids training for the SAC North Cross Country Meet on May 19th. And we’ll be training for our local track and field meet right away.

- Furniture has started coming back into the school and classroom seating is starting to include groups again.

- Our playground is no longer divided into cohorts and kids are able to have the run of the whole field and can spend recess time with friends of all ages.

Between Covid and the weather, the second term of this school year was a difficult one, but this final term of the year is looking fantastic!