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School Closure Activities

During school closure days, parents often wonder what kinds of things they could be doing with their kids. Hopefully, this page will help! (Note that teachers are in the building on cold days and can be contacted via phone, e-mail, or Teams. On days where the school is closed due to hazardous conditions, the building is closed to everyone.)
Sunrise School Division has some ideas on their website at
The following ideas come from Centennial teachers:
Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 Students
ELA Ideas
Home Reading
Spelling Words (grades 1/2) or Sight Words (K)
Journal Writing
Draw and write a sentence about your picture using your spelling or sight words.
Read a book and respond to your book using your journal.
Practice the alphabet: letter recognition, letter sound, and a word that starts with the letter.
Math Ideas
Practice counting
Skip count by 2, 5, and 10 up to 100 (grades 1/2) or count by ones to 30 and backwards from 10 (K)
Play Math games:
     - War
     - Go Fish
     - Order random cards from least to greatest or greatest to least
     - Make a pile of odd numbers and a pile of even numbers
Grades 3 and 4 Students
Home Reading - Use the Before, During, After discussion questions that are included in your B.E.A.R. Book.
High Frequency Writing Words - Practice them. You have word lists in your Homework duotang as well as with the assessment that was sent home.
Math Facts - Practice the quick recall of facts. There are rub off practice sheets and board and dice games in your Homework duotang.
Mathletics - The login info is in the front of your Agenda Book. Mathletics
Comprehension - Watch a movie or video. Use the Before, During, After discussion questions that are in the Home Reading section of your B.E.A.R. Book.
T.U.S.C. - Prepare for your T.U.S.C. presentation.
PMe Books - login info is in the front of agendas for select students.
Sora - Online books. Sora
Grades 5 and 6 Students
Math Facts - Practice quick recall of multiplication facts to 9 x 9 and the related division facts.
Mathletics - Login and work on activities. Mathletics
Reading - Spend some time reading something you enjoy. Sora is an option for this.
Comprehension - Talk to someone about the book you are reading. Think about what you've learned about character, plot, setting, theme, symbolism, word choice...
Writing - Spend some time writing paragraphs, lists, stories, poetry...
Music and Phys Ed
Mrs. Hanstead's website is here: Mrs. Hanstead's Music Room
There is a ton of Music stuff there!
Get physical! Mr. Stepanik will post some ideas, but if you've got basement space or living room space and can run or play with a ball or practice yoga or do some pilates or move your bodies in just about any way, that would be a good way to spend part of your day at home!