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Student Council

2021 - 22 Leadership Group

  • Bella T
  • Khloe W
  • Maelle A
  • Calum R
  • Payton S
  • Kiersten V
  • Paige C
  • Ainsley M
  • Delaney A
  • Kailyn P
  • Erika R
  • Maya G
  • Braxton P
  • Charlie P
  • Maden M
  • Raenon O


We are unable to have a Student Council in the 2021-2022 school year. We will resume Student Council activities when it is safe for cohorts of students to mix. 

This year, we have a group of grades 5 and 6 students who are looking after Leadership initiatives in our building. They are looking after many of the duties that our Student Council would normally be responsible for. 

What Has the Leadership Team Done So Far?

  • Created a dress-up day each Friday.
  • Led us in learning about reconciliation on the lead-up to Orange Shirt Day.
  • Led us in We Scare Hunger which collected 545 pounds of food for the LdB Food Bank.
  • Took on speaking pieces for our Remembrance Day video.
  • Organized Toonie Tuesday, which raised over $400 for the LdB Christmas Hamper Campaign.