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Student Leaders

2022 - 23 Lead Learners          Peace Makers          Nature Warriors

  •           Aubree W                    Abby R                       Hope N                         
  •           Hannah S                    Ainsley M-K               Shelby L
  •           Natasha P                   Aubree W                   Naiobi M
  •           Hailey L                       Charlie L                     Ari G
  •           Myla O                        Charlie P                     Brooklyn P
  •           Tom U                         Declan A                      Kayla S
  •           Charlie L                     Hailey L                       Abby R
  •           Paige C                      Hannah S                    Julianna F
  •           Peter G                       Isabelle W                   Kaya S
  •           Isabelle W                  Kayla S                        Bailey L
  •                                              Keegan A                     Hannah S
  •                                              Laya M                        Khloe M
  •                                              Maya G                       Charlie L
  •                                              Natasha P                   Natasha P
  •                                              Ryder A                       Hailey L


We have moved away from the model of an elected Student Council and toward a more diverse model of student leadership. Lead Learners are responsible for researching and educating the student body about issues and projects and causes that the school supports. Our Peace Makers Team is responsible for supporting other students in conflict resolution and friendship skills and are also responsible for school spirit activities. Our Nature Warriors team leads our environmental initiatives.

What Did the Leadership Team Do Last Year?

  • Created a dress-up day each Friday.
  • Led us in learning about reconciliation on the lead-up to Orange Shirt Day.
  • Led us in We Scare Hunger which collected 545 pounds of food for the LdB Food Bank.
  • Took on speaking pieces for our Remembrance Day video.
  • Organized Toonie Tuesday, which raised over $400 for the LdB Christmas Hamper Campaign.
  • Taught us in the lead up to the International Day of Pink.
  • Planned and led an Outdoor Learning Day in June.