Back to School

The 2022 - 2023 school year is under way! We've only been back for a few days but we've all hit the ground running. Teachers and students are getting to know one another and are setting class expectations. There's whole class, small group, and individual instruction happening daily. We've had our first school assembly and a variety of programs have started.
Our Peace Makers program is back! 18 grades five and six students came to hear about the program and collect their application sheets. The program has two components: conflict managers and green playmates. Conflict managers go out at recess to help other students solve problems and green playmates go out to look for kids who need a friend to play with or who need some help joining a group. Training for successful applicants will occur on September 29 and the team will be on duty starting in October.
Our grade 5/6 Social Group is getting ready to start. That's an after-school program that supports students in a variety of ways with topics about self esteem, positive body image, physical and mental health, social pressure and conflicts, and personal understanding. The program also includes a variety of activities, including art, sewing, cooking, Zumba, and guest presenters.
Cross country has started with grades 3-6 runners training at lunch on even days of the school cycle. Grade 3 and 4 runners will be competing at Bird's Hill Park on October 6th and grades 5 and 6 runners have their meet on the 14th. It's a short training season but an excellent start to the athletic year!
I expect announcements as other programs get started and I expect it to be a busy year with a lot of opportunities at Centennial. Teachers have started looking into field trips and guest presenters. They're preparing supplies for hands-on activities. They're making plans for groups and programs they'd like to lead. There's good teaching and learning going on in every subject. And kids seem happy to be back after summer vacation and are embracing everything that is school.
Welcome back, Centennial community!