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Intramural Sports

Usually, Centennial School offers students a wide variety of intramural athletics to play over lunch hours and at recess breaks. We also offer some sports which allow for students to compete against other schools within Sunrise School Division. We are hopeful that the 2021-22 school year will see us reintroducing intramural sports and activities! 
Cross Country
We kick off each year training grades 3 - 6 students to compete in the Sunrise School Division's Cross Country Meets. Our runners did quite well at both meets in 2019. Several students placed higher than they did the previous year and several placed in the top 10 of their division. Our grade 5 team placed second at the 2019 Middle Years meet in spite of being short two runners for a team! Most importantly, all of our runners from all grades were eminently coachable, trained hard, ran a focused race, and were excellent representatives of our school.
Our grade 6 students have the opportunity each year to try out for our badminton team. For two consecutive years, our Junior Chargers have brought home the Sunrise School Division banner.
Track & Field
All of our grades 5 and 6 students compete in our local track meet. Those who place go on to compete in the Sunrise School Division Track Meet. Three years ago, at the last Divisional Track Meet, our grade 6 team won the Sunrise School Division banner.
Manitoba Marathon
After Spring Break, we start a running club, the goal of which is to prepare students to compete in the Manitoba Marathon. Each year we have students and teachers running the 5 km Super Run and the 10 km run. Sometimes we have kids competing in the relay and we have had teachers run in both the half marathon and full marathon.